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Simple as

1 Select any of 12 Online Setup Guides

2 Learn or Review at the Subject or Topic Level

3 Use the Facebook Knowledge Base for Quick Answers

Why it Works

  • By following the Facebook Setup Guides you will greatly improve your marketing outcome.
  • Facebook is constantly changing its marketing platform, ad guidelines, and algorithms, so keeping up to date is crucial.
  • Easy quick access to hundreds of Facebook marketing and ad topics will save you both time and money.
  •  Online support to help you with Facebook setup  guide questions

How it Works

  1. There are 12 Setup Guides, beginning with the Facebook business page setup guide and continuing with guides for Business Settings, Ads Manager and other Facebook Marketing Guides.
  2. You can either treat the Setup Guides as a course or select individual topics as needed.
  3. Each Setup Guide includes an index and progress bar so you can track your progress in the guide.
  4. Guides are divided into topics then step-by-step guides to work you through each section.
  5. In addition, you can access a quick reference knowledge base when you to find answers to questions you have when making changes or running campaigns
  6. There is a built in Private Sessions tab in each guide so you can ask questions specific to topics within the Setup Guides.

Start Getting New Clients

1. 12 Facebook Setup Guides
2. Continuous Updates
3. Facebook Knowledge Base
4. Online Support

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