Real Estate Agent Setup Guide

Real Estate Agent Setup Guide

Real Estate Agent Setup Guide


The Real Estate Agent Setup Guide is a supplemental setup guide for the Facebook Marketing System. It includes additional information specific to the real estate industry on how to properly set up and run a successful Facebook campaign for real estate.

Real Estate Marketing


How to Use This Guide

Marketing Strategy
Step 1 Target a Niche
Step 2 Stay in Front of People
Step 3 Work Your Sphere of Influence
Step 4 Be Consistent

Step 1  Identify Your Target Marketing
Step 2  Generate cold Leads
Step 3  Retarget Ads
Step 4 Follow-up System
Step 5 Follow Up System

Following Up
Step 1 Automate Your Follow Up
Step 2 Nurture Your Leads
Step 3 Invite to a Live or Virtual Open House

Lead Conversion Process
Nature of Leads
Increase Awareness
Building Credibility

Relationship Building
Provide Valuable Content
Reach Out and Connect
Share Special Events
Annual Reviews

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