Facebook Marketing Strategies

To develop a Facebook Strategy, first determine your marketing goals and objectives.

Marketing Goals

The Three Types of Campaign Goals

Facebook groups campaigns into three basic categories or goals based on what stage of the buyer’s journey you want to target. Within each goal are Campaign Objectives which can be used  to achieve different results.  For example, the Traffic Objective (a Consideration Goal) will look for users most likely to click, not users most likely to buy.

  • Awareness – Objectives that generate interest in your product or service e.g., increases brand awareness.
  • Consideration – Objectives that get people to think about your business and get more information.
  • Conversion – Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to buy or use your product or service.

When you choose an objective,  Facebook optimizes that campaign for a certain result or goal and determines how your ads are delivered to your audience.

Awareness Goal

Stage: Cold Audience. People are just learning about your brand and products.
Goal: Engagement with new audiences and making them aware of what you have to offer.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Brand Awareness – increased awareness for your brand by reaching people who are more likely to be interested in it
  • Reach – Designed to show your ads to the maximum number of unique viewers (in your target audience) during your campaign

Consideration Goal

Stage: Warm Audience. People who are interested in the products you sell

Goal: Attract people who are trying to decide whether to buy from you or a competitor

Campaign Objectives:

  • Traffic – Drive traffic to your website, landing page or ecommerce store
  • Engagement – Drive engagement to your Facebook page
  • App Installs – Encourage people to install your app on a phone or tablet
  • Video Views – Track how long someone watches your video.
  • Lead Generation – Collect an email address directly on Facebook.
  • Messages – Encourage conversations on Facebook Messenger

Conversion Goal

Stage: Warm to hot audiences. People that have already  connected with your brand

Goal: Purchase or signup for your services.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Conversions – Optimized for conversions. Need Facebook pixel on website or on
                  ecommerce store
  • Catalog Sales – Ecommerce. Sell your items from your catalog directly on Facebook page
  • Store visits – Brick and mortar. Attract more foot traffic. Target people nearby

Determine Your Marketing Goal

Determine your marketing goal – This will help you decide where you should start and what your advertising objectives should be. If you are starting from scratch, your advertising strategy will be different  than if you have an established brand or product with a social following.

  • Do you already have a Facebook following?
  • Do you have existing or consistent website traffic?
  • Do you have an email list?
  • Do you create unique content about your business/industry?

Marketing Objectives

What is Your Advertising Objective?

Once you have determined the goal of your campaign, you can determine your advertising objective. Your advertising objective is what you want people to do when they see your ad. Your advertising objectives will of course depend on your overall campaign goal e.g., Awareness, Consideration or Conversion.

Examples of advertising objectives:

  • Generate new leads
  • Sales for your ecommerce store
  • Subscribers to your blog
  • Promote Business, Brand or product

Marketing Strategies

Advertising Strategies

Your advertising strategy will depend on the Campaign Objective you choose.

Common Facebook Advertising Strategies include:

  • Content Marketing (blogs) which is typically used in a Traffic Objective
  • Engaging People on your Business page (Page likes) is used in an Engagement Objective
  • Retargeting Your Website Visitors (Custom Audience) is used in a Conversion Objective

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can be used in a Traffic Campaign which is typically used to generate clicks. This is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your business and warm up your target audience for products and services you sell by providing free valuable content.


  • Videos
  • Lead Magnets (guides, checklists, coupons etc.)
  • Blog Posts

Business Page Engagement Strategy

Use the Engagement Objective to provide Social Proof such as likes, comments and shares which are displayed on your Facebook page, ads and posts.


  • Use Page Post Ads to get Page Likes
  • Use Page Posts Ads to increase likes, comments and shares for your posts

Retargeting Previous Visitors Strategy

Use a Conversion Objective to create custom audiences for retargeting. You can also use a Lookalike Audience to target people with similar characteristics to your own customers. This is by far the most effective type of campaign because your audience already knows who you are.


  • Build a custom audience of people who have engaged with your website content then run a direct-response campaign.
  • Create a Lookalike audience based on your custom audiences

Choose a Strategy Based on Your Goals and Objectives

. What Action Do You Want People to Take?
  • Example – For content using video – Use Video Views Objective. Video currently is the most effective content type for mobile.
  • Example – Retargeting campaign to send people to your website – choose Traffic or Conversion Objective, depending on the action you want people to take (e.g., get a lead or a purchase)
Determine your campaign objective by working backward from your goal
  1. Example – Goal: generate sales for your ecommerce business – offer 10% off their first order (conversion)
  2. Example – Offer a discount code but send them to you landing page so that they must opt in e.g., take specific action (conversions objective)

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