New Client Marketing System

"Acquire New Clients!"

Simple as

1 Personalize Pre-designed Ad Templates

2 Enter Pre-defined Campaign Settings

3 Run Your campaign

Why it Works

  • Reduces the marketing learning curve for your product or service
  • Audience targeting specific to your industry
  • Eye-catching, effective Facebook ads that standout against user News Feed content
  • High conversion ad specific landing pages
  • Facebook campaign setup that optimizes your ads, audience targeting and lead conversion

How it Works

  1. Select a pre-designed set of ad templates for your industry
  2. Personalize the ads for the type of campaign you are running
  3. Personalize your ad specific landing page
  4. Set up your campaign by entering the pre-defined settings for your campaign
  5. Run the campaign
  6. Refine your marketing campaign with A/B testing for your target audience

Start Getting New Leads

1. Pre-designed Ad Templates
2. Pre-defined Campaign Settings
3. High Converting Landing Page
4. Pre-defined Campaign Analytics

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